Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Day 72 - Grout & Patches

Not a ton done today - all the bathroom tile was grouted and they started patching up the nicks and drywall dings around the house.  The old attic access was also patched up. 

Front Door & pillars need painting still

 Window treatment guy came to the house today to measure for blinds...getting closer! :)

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Day 71 - More flooring

Thank you to everyone who helped put my mind at ease about the way the hardwoods are set!  When I first walked in the house they looked off to me, but according to your responses they are correct.  There was more flooring done today - hardwoods were completed, tile was set in master bath, basement bath, and girls bath (not yet complete in girls bath).  So they have to complete the tile in the secondary bath as well as grout all of the tile.  Plumber and electrician are also supposed to be back this week to install toilets, lights, etc.

Today we also went to the granite shop to approve our granite slab...looked good!  Tomorrow we have the Home Depot window treatment installer coming to the house to measure for blinds.  With 23 windows in the house...having them come measure for blinds and install them on all windows for $118...sign me up!

3 weeks from today = closing!!!

Foyer/Hallway HW

Kitchen/Mud Room/Powder Room HW

Note on island "Not in Right Spot" :)
Tile in Master Bath
"Wet Tile" sign :)

Monday, July 29, 2013

Days 67-70...Is this right?

Days 67-69 (Friday-Sunday) I am pretty sure no work was done at the house as I did not see any people working, and there were no noticeable changes in the house.  I emailed PM Sunday for a few requests - raise master closet wire rack 1' so we can have a double rack installed after we move in, change final walk through to earlier in the morning, and have someone come to the house to measure for blinds.  He also gave me an update that on the schedule for this week is flooring, plumbing & electric.   Stopped by today and the hardwoods were started...only I am questioning if the foyer is right or not... 
 I took this picture right inside the front door and the planks are going horizontally - is that right?  I thought they would go vertically?

Super dusty and not a good pic

When he told me the flooring was starting this week...I was secretly hoping today that I would walk in and all of the floors would be complete...I guess I have high expectations :)  Looking forward to what the rest of the week brings!  Also - gave our notice at our apartment today that we will not be renewing our lease!!

18 days til final walk through 22 days til closing :)

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Days 65 & 66 - Siding Finished, Trim & Doors painted

The siding was completed today, and shutters put up...I love looks beautiful!  Cannot wait until our front door and pillars are painted.  When we stopped by, they were still finishing up...hubby let the guys know they accidently covered up/put a piece of the trim/siding right over our recess light over the front door ...whoops! They also painted all of the doors, trim, and nailed the baseboard trim down.  The basement is out of drywall purgatory and has caught up with the rest of the house...walls, trim and doors painted!  We received a call today to go check out our kitchen counter granite slab on Tuesday - yay!

Love <3

Weird glare :(

We will have no rear neighbors, and I love that we have so many windows facing the back

Back of house

Trim & doors painted throughout

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Day 64 - Siding started!

Siding was started today!  I was secretly hoping that they would have done a lot more...but it will come I guess :)  We also got our front porch pillars, all of the trim around the doors is complete, and all of the baseboard molding is done.  Vanity in the basement is installed.  A lot more nicks, scratches, dents, holes, etc. in the walls...I know they will fix it all, just annoying to see my beautiful house with blemishes :)

Pillars & Siding!

Days 61-63 - trim, railings, & windowsill

Days 61 & 62 were the work on Saturday, but there was someone at the house working on the trim around the doors on Sunday.  Day 63 (Monday) they connected the island (still not in place yet), the added the railing to the stairs, and put on the windowsill's.  
Can't wait for this!


Railing upstairs


Hubby drove by the house on his way to work today, and said it looks like they were setting up for siding!!  I am excited to see the siding - it was a brand new color when we signed, so we don't have any houses to compare it to, or know how the finished product will turn out.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Day 60 - Cabinets & Doors!!!

31 days to go until closing...and today we got kitchen cabinets, 2nd floor bathroom cabinets & counters, and doors all over!


Girls bathroom

Master Bathroom

I didn't get a ton of pictures because it was sweltering in the house and a little one had to go potty, so we were in and out fast.  I LOVE our cabinets...they are beautiful, and the 42" are so tall!  I definitely need to go back this weekend and play with and and shut...check every cabinet and drawer out :)

The master bath cabinet and counter as well as the secondary bath and counter were installed.  Also love them...the counters are "Wheat" granite, and the cabinets were the Andover white (I think that is what they were called).  Most of the doors were installed too.  I didn't take any pics specifically of the doors, but you can see one in the mirror of the master bath picture.

Wet basement update:  PM got back to hubby and said because the windows in the basement were open, and it was incredibly humid outside it cause the moisture in the basement.  He put a second dehumidifier in there, closed up all the windows, and it was much dryer in there today.  Still may go with our own house inspector just to put my mind at ease, but it looked significantly better today than yesterday.

Neighborhood update:  Found out the lot next to use was sold, and they have 2 kids - yay!  Also found out that the house across the street from us that they just started digging - they have 3 young girls - yay!  I was very concerned with getting in a neighborhood with kids, and especially with kids around our kids ages.  So I am very happy about that.

31 days!!!!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Day 59 - Where is this coming from??

I am not sure what (if anything) was done with the house today.  At first I thought maybe they painted the ceilings...but then I looked at my pictures from yesterday and notice the ceiling looked the same...maybe they put a 2nd coat of paint on?  Not really sure...

More paint??
Forgot to check the attic access yesterday, so I checked it today.  Not sure if this was done yesterday or today, but they closed up the wrong access, and created a new access in the laundry room.

Closed up the access in girls room

New attic access in the laundry room

And then we went to the basement to check out that never ending situation...and we found a casualty:

Broken window!

While the leak and the sump and the back up sump are all supposedly "fixed" now...only the other side of the basement we now have this:

Where is this coming from?


What is going on here??
 I have noticed it before...the corners of the basement a darker color...I thought it might be wet, but I never touched it...hoping it was just naturally a darker color (or hoping it was due to all of the other basement water issues) today my fear became a reality - as I was ASSURED it was water, and now quite a bit of it...coming in the basement from the corners??  Is that possible?  Why is that happening?? Anyone know??

It is wet in the corners, and spreading...all along the wall of my new drywall.  Great.

Hubby sent a message to fix the water issues in the basement...are we really going to close in 32 days??

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Days 53-58 Drywall Purgatory

This seems like the longest process thus far...drywall.  Day after day we have gone to the house with little noticeable changes.  Yesterday they replaced the basement insulation and drywall, after a plumber was there the day before and supposedly "fixed" whatever the issue was...well today when I stopped by, this is what I saw:

Dark pic - but water is building up

I emailed our PM and he said that they had a plumber out there to replace the valve that was the doing so, the line that was opened dumped the water on the floor, but it should be leak free now.  I hope so...Our final walkthrough is less than 30 days this possible??

The drywall purgatory end is in sight however, today there was PAINT!!!  The 1st and 2nd floors were painted in the Sherwin Williams Kilim Beige.  It's okay...hubby likes it better than white.  We will still be painting accent walls...but for now, its a whole lotta beige :)  The basement is still going through the several days of drywall a little bit still in purgatory.

I emailed our SR the other day just to confirm (because with the millions of questions we have asked, I can't remember if I had asked about the ceiling) - well we have a smooth ceiling and it is painted white not the beige color. 

Neighbor update - all of their goodies were out of their I am hoping within the next day or two that will be the same for us.  Neighbors lot across the street was dug today!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Day 52 - Tear out, attic, & what the heck?!?

Today they tore out the bottom half drywall and insulation in the basement.  I really hope they are able to properly fix/seal this stuff :(

Not a whole lot of other work going on in the house...but I did notice the attic access was put in one of the bedrooms (which is per plan), but we discussed with PM at our pre-construction about having it in the laundry room...and he says he always does that with the Ravenna...but today it was in a bedroom.  So emailed him about that tonight, and hopefully that will get straightened out.

Wrong room :(

 And then there was this...

What the heck?!?!

Random pipe coming off the side of the house GUSHING a faucet was turned on full blast.  I feel like it may have something to do with the basement...but as you can see but the huge moat around the is pouring out of that pipe.  The basement just had a very little bit of water in it, so I would think it did not have nearly enough to make that faucet pour like that...So no idea.  Emailed PM about that too.

Received a letter today from NVRM attorney stating they need a copy of my home owners insurance before they can send me our closing time.  Hopefully these little issues don't set us back.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Day 50 & 51 more drywall...and time to backtrack...

Didn't take many pictures yesterday or today when I stopped by - but yesterday they finished the 1st floor and basement drywall, and today they did all of the mudding/taping (not sure what its is called exactly). a call today from PM, I guess kind of a heads up cause he figured we would be stopping by after work.  He said the backup sump failed or something to that effect...and we had several inches of water covering our basement.  UGH.  They will be tearing out all of the drywall they did the day before, tearing out all of the insulation, drying out the basement (again), and starting over.  He is having the plumber come over tomorrow to see what the deal is...I also asked him to have the plumber check out the water main that was leaking yesterday too.  I am getting a little nervous about this whole basement situation.  It has been under water multiple times now.  I told hubby that I am thinking we should get our own inspection before closing just to ensure we are sealed tightly in the basement...I really don't want this to be an ongoing issue once we are in the house :(  PM stated this will not hold us back, as they will continue to work upstairs, just have to do some rework in the basement.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Day 49 - Some drywall

Finally got some drywall.  Just the upstairs was worked on, and not completed.  All of the drywall was screwed in and not nailed...I see all of these blogs that mention nail pops, but we did not spot a single nail in the drywall.  Do different areas hang drywall differently?  Would they put nails in later?

Upstairs hallway

Guest Bedroom

Girls bedroom

Garage goodies!

In the basement - the tankless water heater was installed...and we have a water main leak :(  Hubby sent a text out to PM as there was some water build up in the basement.  On the side of the house, looks like a truck or something swiped it and gouged out some of the house wrap...asked for that to be fixed too.  Also talked to the company that installed the furnace and asked them about installing AC once we close...price was $1500 less than what RH was charging...umm OK sign us up :)


Lots of shopping these past few days :)  Here is what we have so far:

Sofa & Love Seat for the Family Room - not in this color or with these pillows.  We got it in "Peacock Blue" a darker navy - with a different patter of fabric for the pillow...but my picture I took in the store didn't come out great, I grabbed this from online.  What I like about this sofa and love seat - they are SUPER comfortable, the back cushions are detached - which was actually hard for me to find...but I cannot stand attached cushions...I like to rotate and have options if they are losing steam :)
FR Sofa & Love Seat

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the coffee table and end tables we got for the family room.  They are super functional with these little hidden spots to put stuff.  There is a console that I may get later on to go along the one LR wall we have nothing planned for yet, but I am going to wait to see when we move in how the furniture arrangement will end up.

FR Coffee Table

FR End Table

I ended up going with the same dresser/night tables for both the girls.  I got the little one the bed also, and I am turning the old crib into a headboard/footboard for the older one.

Bed for little one, no trundle.

2 dressers

2 night stands

For the Living Room (or "fancy room" as hubby likes to call it), I have not yet purchased the coffee/end tables as we were having a hard time locating them, but this is what we are getting:

LR tables

LR accent chair

LR Sofa - LOVE IT!!!

For the morning room, we bought this table/chairs a couple weeks ago...but I think our are actually a little darker than this:

Morning room table/chairs

Last nights purchase - washer and dryer.  We bought Samsung top load, high efficiency washer.  It is 4.0 cubic feet which is AMAZING to me, since I am using this tiny little apartment sized stackable for a family of 4...

The dryer is 7.2 cubic feet...which again is AMAZING coming from what I am right now :)

I still need to purchase my office furniture - not sure what I am going to do with that.  I also need to purchase a few area rugs - and I have to say I am so surprised at the selection and prices at home depot for area rugs!  Also still need to purchase a TV for the Family Room.