Monday, April 29, 2013

What do I do?!?

Well I know this isn't the biggest deal in the world, but I am REALLY stressing about it :(

Tomorrow is our point of no return day for flooring, cabinets, etc.  Originally we went with Maple Cognac cabinets in the kitchen with Natural Oak hardwood floors (the very lightest wood).  I am not a light wood kind of person...every "wood" type product I own in my house is a darker espresso or cherry wood.  I like the warmer, richer colors...what am I doing with a light wood floor?! 

I can tell you...we liked the Maple Cognac cabinets, and I wanted floors that were a little more contrasting than same tone as the cabinets.  So we felt the only possibility with those cabinets were the really light wood.  This decision has been haunting me - because really I am not a light wood person.  I took my mother to Home Depot to look at the flooring options by Bruce (who also makes the wood flooring at the Ryan selection center).  I like the Gunstock is a darker (but not dark) caramel color...but it is too matchy with the Maple Cognac.  So now I am trying to decide between the Wyoming Cherry Spice and the Wyoming Cherry Bordeaux.  I truly CANNOT decide.  Husband is not helping much because he would prefer the dark wood distressed floors...but I just can't do those.

I know whatever we get will be beautiful, really.  But right now, when my final decision has to be in by TOMORROW...I just cannot make up my mind!!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Check that off the list!

Received our commitment letter from NVR today!  YAY!

Right after...emailed SR to see if we might be able to get bumped up and start construction sooner...keeping my fingers crossed, but not holding my breath :)

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Come on already NVR!

Impatiently waiting...I feel like this is going to be a LONG process :(

I emailed my LO last Thursday if he heard anything from underwriting (our loan has been in underwriting for almost three weeks now).  When he emailed me back he said that he heard from underwriting that day, and we should be approved in the morning (Friday)...he also said (in all caps) CONGRATULATIONS!  I also asked if we would be formally hearing anything from underwriting.  He said that they would send us a letter or email us, if we don't hear from underwriting by Wednesday (tomorrow) let him know.  Well it is Tuesday night, and we have yet to receive anything "official" from underwriting.  It is also weird to me that they don't have a standard of notifying or mail a letter?  So of course the plan is, if I don't hear anything tomorrow I will be sending our LO an email.

On another interesting note...I sent an email to our SR last Monday...over a week ago, and no response.  She is normally very on top of things, it is not a big deal what I was asking in the email, just surprising no response.

Our point of no return for flooring etc. choices is 4/30.  Kind of freaking out about our flooring/cabinet choices.  We went with the Maple Cognac and the Natural Oak hardwoods.  They are contrasting colors, while normally I like darker wood floors, they take a lot of upkeep due to showing everything.  BUT I am not sold on the really light floors.

I have started picking up little things for the house.  My 5 year old wants a "Rock Star" bedroom...found this on Etsy, so I think it will be the inspiration!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Get Bumped Up?

When we met with our SR on Saturday and gave her the remaining deposit, she mentioned that we were bumped up to start construction June 3.  Starting to wonder if it is possible to get bumped up any earlier?  Has this ever happened to anyone?

Our current lease ends September 1, with a June 3 start date, SR said we would have a delivery of August (end of month).  If we could have an extra week or so it would make a huge difference.  Just trying to keep hope alive that we can be in the house earlier :)

I was reading another blog that said they were 2 weeks ahead of their build I guess even if we start June 3, there is still hope that we can get ahead of schedule, right? :)

I was also thinking last would be nice to add crown molding...and extending the garage...and...and...and.  I guess the good thing is that we are beyond the point of no return for structural changes (garage) and have about 2 weeks left to make any floor/other changes.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

SR Rocks!

Much better day!

Went to the selection center and made some changes:

Santa Cecelia granite in the kitchen
Wheat granite countertops in the master bath, second floor bath, and basement bath
Ceramic tile in master bath, second floor bath, and basement bath
Changed our carpet color
Upgraded our appliance package to the Feature IV (Stainless)

Right before we went to the selection center, we received a call from NVR is still with underwriting...hoping to hear something next week. 

AND right before we went in to the selection center, we received an email from our SR.  Ryan is willing to NOT finish the portion of the basement under the morning room.  They are going to wall it off with a door for storage, and NOT charge us the $3000 higher price.  AND since a concrete driveway was included in our old contract, they are willing to split the cost of concrete with us!  Turned out to be great news today, and I am really appreciative of our SR.  Was a little frustrated, but I let her know what we were looking for, and she was able to come through!  YAY!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Getting a little frustrated

So when we went to sign our new contract last week, I mentioned to our SR the few minor things that we were changing (flood lights, ice maker kit, etc.) did not add up to the new contract price.  I didn't put a whole lot of thought into it until I brought it home and compared the new and old contracts side by side...well turns out it was the price of the morning room.  Our old contract we were being charged $3000 less than the new contract...WHAT?!?!  Why is that? (more on that later)

Also - right before we went to sign our new contract SR advised that a concrete driveway is not included (it was included on the first lot because the developer for the community required it).  We asked how much it would be if RH did the concrete for us - we don't particularly want an asphalt driveway.  SR mentioned maybe RH would be willing to split the cost since it was included on previous contract.

Today SR gets back to me on concrete driveway - for RH to do it - $3495.  I reply to her email asking what the status is of RH splitting the cost, and ask why are we being charged $3000 more on this lot for morning room?  SR then calls me to explain.  Our initial cost estimate did not include a finished basement so SR chose option of "morning room with unfinished basement."  When we added the finished basement, she never updated the morning room selection to "morning room with finished basement."  She advised if the initial contract was sent to corporate to be ratified, they would have kicked it back because she had the wrong selection.  Ok - I get it, people make mistakes - but don't let me have to find this $3000 price discrepancy on my own!  Tell me about it when we come to sign our new contract instead of me finding it after the fact.  She said that she is going to see if we can opt to have the space underneath the morning room in the basement not finished.  Have it walled off with a door and use it as storage - ok we'll see how much that changes the price.  
Back to the concrete - I asked her what the deal is with it, and she pretty much told me that they have done so much for us so far to accommodate for moving lots, that nothing is probably going to happen with RH splitting the cost.  UGH!  Why would you mention it in the first place then??  And why didn't you tell me that the concrete driveway wasn't included until a minute before I sign on the dotted line?  

I understand there are limited things that are in SR control...but I am getting frustrated because we agreed to go to this less desirable (for us) neighborhood for the SAME contract, and now we have to pay an additional $6495 for the SAME contract? 

Needless to say 2 existing houses came on the market in neighbors that we really like - for a lot less money than we will be paying for this house :(

We are going to the selection center again on Wednesday to pick our granite for our kitchen.  Still nothing official from NVR or no ratified contract in the mail.  Hopefully after a visit to the selection center I will get a little excited again, but right now I am feeling a little frustrated with this situation.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Plans change...

Well we got the official word...other builder is not willing to sell Ryan the lot for us. Blah.

After much discussion with the hubby, no new existing homes coming on the market, and some convincing from our SR, we have decided to go to a RH community as opposed to building offsite. We love the Ravenna model and were really convinced it was the floor plan for us. The new community is so ridiculously close to were we wanted to build "offsite" I suppose it will be just the same.

Currently the RH community is an extension of an existing development, however, new for RH. So far in the "new" area there is only the model, one house that was finished the same time as the model, another lot that was sold, one on hold right next to us, and our lot. Our SR showed us the plan for the continued development and it looks good...we will not have any neighbors directly behind us, just fields! That was a plus. Also - apparently the town received grant money and is creating a bike path/walking trail from the community - another plus. RH worked out a deal with us for moving communities - plus. In the end, I think this will be a great thing for our family.

On the not so plus side of things - we had to go and sign a new contract (still haven't had anything official from NVR), and now our construction start will probably not be until June with delivery date as August/September - boooo! SR said she will continue to try and push it forward, but who knows if that will work out. We really would LOVE to get in our new house before school starts for kiddos and hubby in the fall...not to mention current lease ends September 1. 

So here I will sit reading about everyone else's home building excitement as I wait at least another month or two for things to get started :(