Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I'm doing it!

After several weeks of reading hundreds (or more) Ryan Homes husband convinced me to document our journey too.  So it starts like this...

We were looking for months at exisiting homes in our area, and were not finding anything that met our needs (size, location, etc.).  When we finally found one house that would work for us, we went back and forth with the seller's and could not come to a reasonable we recinded the offer.  We then started looking more seriously at building a new home and met with several builders.  I had heard alot of "not great" comments on Ryan Homes, but then I found the land of blogs :)  We visited some of the model homes, and liked them, but weren't sure they were for us.  Then we went to the Ravenna model and fell in love!  It was perfect for our family. 

Ryan Homes is building a new community in the town we are in, however, we do not like the location of the community.  Ryan agreed to do an "offsite" build for us in a development that we liked.  Yay!  We picked out all of our options and signed a contract on February 23.  Sounds great, right?  Well...then we hit a snag...

Ryan called the developer to secure the lot for us on February 25, then on February 27 (hubby's b-day and the day of our appointment with NVR) we got a call from Ryan.  Apparently the devlopers partner was in the midst of a deal with another builder to buy ALL of the remaining lots in the development we like.  NOOOO!!!  For a few days after, it looked like maybe they would let one lot out of the deal (ours) but that ended up being a no go.  So now we are patiently (anxiously) waiting to find out if the other builder with let Ryan purchase the lot from them for that is where we stand.

In the mean time we are still moving forward in hopes that we can secure the lot.  We met with NVR on February 27 - gave them ALOT of paperwork.  Went to the selection center on March 2, picked out our flooring, cabinets, etc.

We have a tight schedule to keep, raising the anxiety to a new level...My husband is going back to school in the fall, so we really need to be in the house by August.  I am trying to stay positive and hopefull, so starting a blog is my way of telling the Universe this is meant to be and let's get on with it already :)