Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Days 85 & 86...almost there!

As much as it drove me crazy...we did not go to the house yesterday...well...we did not go inside the house :)  I drove by and noticed that they hydro seeded the lawn.  We did however go in today.  After having the SR let us in - we noticed a lot of things done...still quite a bit of finishing work to be done.  Lots of painting was done, the vinyl was installed in the laundry room, the granite bar between the kitchen and morning room was installed, basement railing was stained, new door knob/lock on the front door, and our house numbers were put up!

Granite bar hubby was waiting for


Can't wait

laundry room

Final walk through is this Friday.  I don't think we will be going by tomorrow - so hopefully they are able to complete these finishing touches.  Then closing is scheduled for 12pm on Tuesday.  We received our final numbers for closing, ordered our certified check...then was notified today that the amount increased by $60...oh well. 


  1. How exciting. We are one week behind you on our walk through. Close date still up in the air(not pleased). Your house looks great, I'm glad you focus on the kitchen, that is my favorite room.

  2. Our kitchens are practically the same except for color choices.. We have a final walk through on Friday too! We close on Monday but get keys on Tuesday. Do you get the keys on the same day you close? Best of luck.. so close!

  3. We are supposed to get the keys the same day, if we can ever lock down our date, lol. I would die if we signed and had to wait another day. Enjoy your new home. This whole thing has been quite a wild ride.