Saturday, August 3, 2013

Day 74 - Plumbing

Today all of our faucets were installed in the bathrooms, toilets were put in place, front door received a first coat of paint, and our railing got its first coat of stain:

Didn't notice the glare when I took the pic
Girls bathroom

Powder room
Basement Bath

Upstairs railing

Master bath toilet
They have been working very hard on my neighbors house...thinking they may be closing before us.  They were there late the last two nights and hubby saw them before 7am this morning when he went on a run.  Two weeks from yesterday is final walk through!!!


  1. It's looking fantastic!!! I've been MIA because we had our baby and I've been busy and sleep deprived. ;) I'll be posting an update soon on our Ravenna!

    1. Oh wow! Congratulations must be pretty close too!!

    2. Thank you! We seem to be at around the same stage :)

  2. I love the railing stain. Is it going to be darker? It matches your floors so well.

    1. Thank you! Yes the railing stain is darker than the floor, we liked the darker red color and wanted that to continue on the railing upstairs.