Thursday, August 1, 2013

Day 73 - Little Details

Today when we went to the house, it appears as though there were lots of little details completed.  All of the hardware was added to the kitchen & bathroom cabinets, the handles were put on all of the doors, the molding was added to the kitchen cabinets, island was put in place and back added, screens were put in windows, and the powder room mirror was put up.  We went to the house late today, so it was very hard to get decent pictures due to lack of lighting, but here are a couple:

Today we also ordered our blinds...ugh that was a chunk of change.  PM mentioned at the beginning of the week that the electricians and plumbers would be at the house this week...they have yet to come to our house, but they have been at our hopefully they will be by tomorrow or maybe working on the weekend?


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    "Hey, we are on day 73 too! We started on May 21st!!
    Will go home and take photos and compare progress :)"

  2. Nice! We need to order blinds too. Not looking foward to spending that $$!

  3. Looks great! Isn't it amazing how the little things really make it seem real?

  4. The little details are the fun parts of the house building. You are about to get into your new house, so exciting.

  5. Where did you order your blinds? We used at our current house and really liked them but I haven't researched prices/quality recently to know what's out there. You are really close now! How exciting!