Monday, August 12, 2013

Days 82-84 - Little bit of this, little bit of that

Days 82 & 83 = no work, as it was the weekend.

Today (day 84) we REALLY could not get in the house, and went to the model to ask to get let in to the house.  I didn't get any pictures today because I felt pressure with the SR there!  But this is what looks like was done - range & microwave installed (they look beautiful, hopefully they work good!), non-finished areas of basement received insulation, family room was repainted, HVAC small tube was framed in the basement bath, removed the railing going down to the basement (I assume to paint or touch up drywall behind the railing).  There are still SO MANY little things here and there that need to be walkthrough is on Friday.  The stain for the railing going up to the second floor was done so sloppy, I can imagine it is going to be very hard to clean up or paint over all of the splashed stain marks on the wall.  I know they will probably be working tirelessly until out walk through...hubby ran by this morning at 6am and they were already working.

Also noticed a chip out of our walkway from our driveway to the porch (looks to be from the grading equipment).  Hubby doesn't think they will fix it, but I sure am going to ask - its about 6".

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