Monday, August 19, 2013

Day 88 = Final Walk through...and I guess we are closing tomorrow?

Last Friday we had our final walk through.  Much like our pre-construction meeting, it was rather uneventful.  We know the house so well, and there were not a ton of touchups needed, so it lasted about 1.75 hours.  The "biggest" issue was the chunk taken out of the walkway from the driveway to the porch.  As of today, the concrete contractors took out that section of the walkway and re-laid a new section of concrete.  Other than that, some minor paint touchup issues, tightening of some lights, but really nothing that crazy.  The house looked great all clean!  I did not take any pictures, but am planning on it tomorrow when we close...and about that closing...

Haven't heard anything since early last week from NVR...matter of fact hubby emailed LO this morning to say "hey we are still good for tomorrow, right?'  And shockingly no response.  We have never received an official "clear to close" or anything of that nature from NVR...our information went to underwriting last Monday, and we have not been asked for additional documentation...nothing...not a peep.  We have heard final #'s from NVRs lawyer, and have confirmed the place/time for closing with our lawyer...and no concerns from either of them...However, I still feel as though we should have heard something from that just me?  Isn't that the "norm" that there is some kind of confirmation or "OK" from them?  Maybe it is because I have been incredibly stressing over this whole move/closing situation that I want an "OK" from them...

The plan for the rest of the week:
  • Tuesday - CLOSE!  Paint family room wall, paint morning room wall, install morning room and master bedroom ceiling fans, seal granite, seal tile/grout, bring some odds & ends to the house, CELEBRATE DAUGHTERS BIRTHDAY!
  • Wednesday - Hubby at house all day - delivery of washer/dryer, cable/internet hookup, delivery of new furniture, moving more odds & ends, finish anything we didn't get done on Tuesday
  • Thursday - movers coming to move old apartment furniture, boxes, and things in storage unit.
  • Friday - hubby has appointment, so not sure all that will get done - if more odds & ends - continue to move those, seal driveway/garage, paint secondary rooms (bedrooms & DR/LR)
  • Maybe over the weekend, work on getting the master closet together...looking to add a second shelf on the long wall and then several shelves in the little cubby area.
Going to be a busy week...then next week, I am going to work on emptying boxes and getting things in place.

Holding my breath that closing is happening tomorrow.


  1. Good luck tomorrow. It was like that with us too. After all the processing with NVR, I expected something from them. Email, phone we just trudged ahead, alone and unaffraid.

  2. I hope it happens tomorrow! Sounds like you have lots of plans and they all sound great!


  4. Hope closing went well. Can't wait to see the pictures.