Monday, August 19, 2013

Day 88 = Final Walk through...and I guess we are closing tomorrow?

Last Friday we had our final walk through.  Much like our pre-construction meeting, it was rather uneventful.  We know the house so well, and there were not a ton of touchups needed, so it lasted about 1.75 hours.  The "biggest" issue was the chunk taken out of the walkway from the driveway to the porch.  As of today, the concrete contractors took out that section of the walkway and re-laid a new section of concrete.  Other than that, some minor paint touchup issues, tightening of some lights, but really nothing that crazy.  The house looked great all clean!  I did not take any pictures, but am planning on it tomorrow when we close...and about that closing...

Haven't heard anything since early last week from NVR...matter of fact hubby emailed LO this morning to say "hey we are still good for tomorrow, right?'  And shockingly no response.  We have never received an official "clear to close" or anything of that nature from NVR...our information went to underwriting last Monday, and we have not been asked for additional documentation...nothing...not a peep.  We have heard final #'s from NVRs lawyer, and have confirmed the place/time for closing with our lawyer...and no concerns from either of them...However, I still feel as though we should have heard something from that just me?  Isn't that the "norm" that there is some kind of confirmation or "OK" from them?  Maybe it is because I have been incredibly stressing over this whole move/closing situation that I want an "OK" from them...

The plan for the rest of the week:
  • Tuesday - CLOSE!  Paint family room wall, paint morning room wall, install morning room and master bedroom ceiling fans, seal granite, seal tile/grout, bring some odds & ends to the house, CELEBRATE DAUGHTERS BIRTHDAY!
  • Wednesday - Hubby at house all day - delivery of washer/dryer, cable/internet hookup, delivery of new furniture, moving more odds & ends, finish anything we didn't get done on Tuesday
  • Thursday - movers coming to move old apartment furniture, boxes, and things in storage unit.
  • Friday - hubby has appointment, so not sure all that will get done - if more odds & ends - continue to move those, seal driveway/garage, paint secondary rooms (bedrooms & DR/LR)
  • Maybe over the weekend, work on getting the master closet together...looking to add a second shelf on the long wall and then several shelves in the little cubby area.
Going to be a busy week...then next week, I am going to work on emptying boxes and getting things in place.

Holding my breath that closing is happening tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Days 85 & 86...almost there!

As much as it drove me crazy...we did not go to the house yesterday...well...we did not go inside the house :)  I drove by and noticed that they hydro seeded the lawn.  We did however go in today.  After having the SR let us in - we noticed a lot of things done...still quite a bit of finishing work to be done.  Lots of painting was done, the vinyl was installed in the laundry room, the granite bar between the kitchen and morning room was installed, basement railing was stained, new door knob/lock on the front door, and our house numbers were put up!

Granite bar hubby was waiting for


Can't wait

laundry room

Final walk through is this Friday.  I don't think we will be going by tomorrow - so hopefully they are able to complete these finishing touches.  Then closing is scheduled for 12pm on Tuesday.  We received our final numbers for closing, ordered our certified check...then was notified today that the amount increased by $60...oh well. 

Monday, August 12, 2013

Days 82-84 - Little bit of this, little bit of that

Days 82 & 83 = no work, as it was the weekend.

Today (day 84) we REALLY could not get in the house, and went to the model to ask to get let in to the house.  I didn't get any pictures today because I felt pressure with the SR there!  But this is what looks like was done - range & microwave installed (they look beautiful, hopefully they work good!), non-finished areas of basement received insulation, family room was repainted, HVAC small tube was framed in the basement bath, removed the railing going down to the basement (I assume to paint or touch up drywall behind the railing).  There are still SO MANY little things here and there that need to be walkthrough is on Friday.  The stain for the railing going up to the second floor was done so sloppy, I can imagine it is going to be very hard to clean up or paint over all of the splashed stain marks on the wall.  I know they will probably be working tirelessly until out walk through...hubby ran by this morning at 6am and they were already working.

Also noticed a chip out of our walkway from our driveway to the porch (looks to be from the grading equipment).  Hubby doesn't think they will fix it, but I sure am going to ask - its about 6".

Friday, August 9, 2013

Day 81 - Closet Racks, Garage Opener, and other randomness

One week from today is final walk through...WHOOO HOOO!!!

Things that were completed today include: garage door opener was installed; dishwasher was put in place (not installed); racks were installed in the pantry, upstairs linen closets, and bedrooms; and towel racks and toilet paper holders installed in bathrooms.

Excuse the sideways pictures...Picaweb is down and blogger will not let me rotate.

Dining Room


Foyer light

Garage door opener

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Days 79 & 80

Day 79 wasn't much - vents were put in place in the ceiling, and more grading...that's all I can really think of.  But today (Day 80) they carpeted the ENTIRE house!  We stopped by about 4:30 and they were almost done, just finishing up the basement and parts of the stairs.  The carpet guys looked beat - I guess they started early in the morning, and this was a big job to do in 1 day...but they did it!  I am not in love with the carpet, but it will work.  We have 2 young kids, and I am anticipating having to change the carpet in high traffic areas in a matter of a few years anyways, so we did not go with the expensive upgrades RH offers.  I couldn't take pictures because my phone memory is at its max, so planning on deleting some tonight.

Off the top of my head, what I think they need to still complete -
  • Paint (lots of it) - front door additional coat, interior walls repaint, trim touchups, ceiling where initial attach access was cut
  • Install range, microwave, and dishwasher
  • Install piece of granite that goes between the sink and morning room (just noticed today it was not there)
  • Replace a few broken windows
  • Install basement toilet
  • Install closet/pantry racks
  • Add trim to one wall in great room
  • Paint floor in unfinished portion of the basement (apparently PM told hubby they were going to do this?  I know nothing of this)
  • Install vinyl in laundry room
Neighbors house that started a week after ours finished today and received their quality inspection.  House across the street started framing today, and house down the street has forms up!  Very exciting to see all of this happening.

Got a few requests from NVR today, and when I talked to the woman at my attorney's office the other day she said "well the 20th isn't set in stone...its the day we are shooting for."  Blah - I have already made plans for closing this day, deliveries/installations/movers the subsequent I am going to be rather annoyed if they change our closing day.  It is 12 days from today...I hate how they can just wait until the very last minute to determine if things are a go or not.  I am a planner - organized - like to know what is going on and when things are going to happen.  I fell like this might be a very stressful next 12 days for me.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Day 78 - Counters & more electrical

Today our granite counter tops were installed in our kitchen.  I think they look great!  For some reason all of my pictures will not upload to blogger, so here are a few:

This is our backyard (picture taken through a window screen).  We previously had 2 huge mounds of dirt that have now contributed to the yard grading.


Dining room light
 We decided to keep the fireplace surround - I hope I don't regret it.  When we left the house this evening it looked as though the electricians were about done, so I am not really expecting them at the house tomorrow.  IF they do come it will probably be just for a short time.  We got our range and microwave delivered to our garage.  For tomorrow - possibly more paint touchups, maybe carpet?, maybe appliance install?


Monday, August 5, 2013

Day 77 - Concrete, electricians, fireplace

Days 75 & 76 were the weekend and brought no work at the house.  Today (day 77) they poured our driveway and sidewalks, put up our fireplace surround, and started installing light fixtures, covering outlets, and putting in light switches.  We also got a whole bunch of smoke detectors.

Glad we went with the concrete
That's a lot of snow plowing!
Master & girls bath light fixture
Powder Room Light

Fireplace surround

I am actually pretty happy with the lights.  We did not do a light upgrade I wasn't really sure what we were going to get.  The dining room light isn't up yet, but I saw the box and I like it.  The fireplace... I certain this is not the granite surround we choose.  I am not sure what the mix up was - maybe when we looked at the samples we read the wrong name, maybe the SR put the name in the computer wrong...I am not sure.  BUT this is Tropical Brown and on our order it says Tropical Brown.  I would not have chosen a dark color like this because all of our other granite is light.  PM said we could change it out but it would have to be after we close because it takes a few weeks to come in.  Hubby, mom, and dad all like it...I am just not sold on it and not sure what to do :(

Painter will be in all week, electricians will probably be back tomorrow finishing up, grading will be going on tomorrow, and carpet Wed & Thurs.